A Mission of Unity and Enlightenment

At the heart of Pernis, near Rotterdam, stands Shri Durga Mandir, a sanctuary where cultural heritage and spiritual aspiration unite. Our mission is to foster a sense of community and spiritual growth among all who walk through our doors. We envision a world where cultural understanding and spiritual wisdom are freely exchanged, creating an environment of harmony and mutual respect.

The Mandir serves as a beacon of peace, offering a haven for those seeking solace and connection with the divine. Our vision extends beyond religious practices; we aim to be a hub for cultural exchange and a platform for personal development. Through our varied activities, including scripture study, yoga, and community discussions, we nurture a space where every individual can explore their spiritual journey while contributing to a diverse and vibrant community. Shri Durga Mandir isn’t just a temple; it’s a home for all who seek knowledge, peace, and unity.

The Diverse Activities at Shri Durga Mandir

1. Gita & Ramayan: Dive into the profound wisdom of ancient scriptures with our Gita and Ramayan sessions. These gatherings provide an opportunity to explore and discuss the Bhagavad Gita and Ramayana’s timeless teachings, offering insights into life, duty, righteousness, and devotion, enriching the spiritual understanding of our community.

2. Pooja & Yagya: Experience the divine through Pooja and Yagya, traditional Hindu rituals. These sacred ceremonies are performed to honor and seek blessings from the deities, creating an atmosphere of spirituality and reverence. They play a crucial role in purifying the environment and the minds of the participants, fostering inner peace and communal harmony.

3. Yoga & Meditation: Embrace wellness and tranquility with our Yoga and Meditation sessions. These practices are not just physical exercises but pathways to unite body, mind, and soul. Regular sessions help participants achieve mental clarity, stress relief, and enhanced well-being, further deepening their spiritual journey.

4. Conferences & Discussion groups: Engage in stimulating intellectual exchange at our Conferences and Discussion Groups. These platforms encourage dialogue on various cultural, spiritual, and social issues, fostering a deeper understanding and connection within our diverse community. They are vital in promoting learning, tolerance, and respect for different perspectives.


Introducing Our Board Members

Meet the dedicated individuals guiding Shri Durga Mandir:

Mr. P.L. Sharma (President): Leading with vision and commitment, Mr. Sharma steers our temple towards a flourishing future.

Mr. S.Kumar (Board Member): Responsible for the temple’s financial stewardship, Mr. Kumar ensures fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

Mr. K. Dutta (Secretary): Mr. Dutta plays a pivotal role in maintaining effective communication and organizational efficiency.

Mr. K.K. Shahi (Vice Treasurer): Assisting in financial management, Mr. Shahi is key to our temple’s economic health.

Mr. S. Sharma (Vice Secretary): Supporting our administrative processes, Mr. Sharma contributes to the smooth operation of the temple.

Mr. A. Lal (Board Member): Allround Board member  Mr. Lal contributes to the smooth operation of the temple.

Pt. Dharmanand ji (Pandit): Our spiritual guide, Pt. Sharmanand ji, leads our religious ceremonies and rituals, imparting wisdom and serenity to our community.

Together, they embody the spirit of service and devotion, ensuring Shri Durga Mandir remains a beacon of cultural and spiritual enrichment.